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☼ thank you ☼

hi there!

I'm tochi and you're likely reading this because you purchased (or were possibly gifted!) Today's Word, a deck of motivational affirmation cards/ soft reminders that I curated and designed.


this deck took just over two years to come to full fruition. it started off as a farfetched idea and is now a tangible reality I have the blessing of sharing with the world. I am so grateful to be able to share this with you – thank you. 


this, much like everything in life, is a journey and every journey comes with its ebbs and flows. you may (or may not) have noticed a grammatical error on your deck's intro card... I noticed this after all the decks had been printed, bundled, boxed and bubble wrapped. it's been gnawing at me but, I am having grace with the process and extending my thanks to you for having grace with me, too.

thank you again for being a part of this journey. we're living. we're learning. we're growing. and I couldn't be happier doing it with you.

with love and appreciate,


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