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four-week session

Additional Session Information

Please read through thoroughly!

Session Type

  • Group session


  • Four weeks

Meeting Dates & Times:

  • Please refer to Session Availability for available dates.

  • Meeting times are at 20:00 (08:00PM) EST

  • Two-week group sessions include three meetings:

    • The first meeting is 90 minutes and takes place on the start date of the session.​

    • The second meeting 90 minutes and takes place one week after the session's first meeting.

    • The third meeting is 90 minutes and takes place one week after the session's second meeting.

    • The fourth meeting is 90 minutes and takes place one week after the sessions third meeting.

Group Size & Group Member Details:

  • Four-week group sessions have a minimum capacity of two members and maximum capacity of four members.

  • ​Groups for group sessions are determined by the applicants of the session.

  • In order to apply as a group each member must submit an application form.

  • It is not a requirement that group members have a shared or even similar goals for their session.


  • This session costs $500 per member

    • Sliding scale pricing for this two-week session starts at $425.

    • The sliding scale payment option is available for folks who do not currently have the capacity to pay the full amount of $500. If you would like to utilise the sliding scale option, please send an e-mail to us with the subject, "Sliding Scale Request" and you will be sent a link to an alternative.

  • Submitting an application qualifies as an understanding and agreement to pay if you are accepted into the session.

Additional Info:​​

  • Applications can take up to 7 days for review. Please make sure to apply for the session you're interested in at least two weeks in advance of the session start date to avoid your application being dismissed.

  • Comments/ questions can be sent to


four-week session

How many people are in your group for this session?
Does your group have a shared goal? (You are not required to)

Thank you for applying!

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