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one-week session

Additional Session Information

Please read through thoroughly!

Session Type

  • Private / One-on-one


  • One week

Meeting Dates & Times:

  • Please refer to Session Availability for available dates.

  • Meeting times are at 20:00 (08:00PM) EST

  • One-week sessions include two meetings:

    • The first meeting is one hour and takes place on the start date of the session.​

    • The second meeting is half an hour and takes place one week after the session's first meeting.

Group Size:

  • One-week sessions have a maximum capacity of one member.


  • This session costs $200

    • Sliding scale pricing for this one week session starts at $125.

    • The sliding scale payment option is available for folks who do not currently have the capacity to pay the full amount of $200. If you would like to utilise the sliding scale option, please send an e-mail to us with the subject, "Sliding Scale Request" and you will be sent a link to an alternative.

  • Submitting an application qualifies as an understanding and agreement to pay if you are accepted into the session.

Additional Info:​​

  • Applications can take up to 7 days for review. Please make sure to apply for the session you're interested in at least two weeks in advance of the session start date.

  • Comments/ questions can be sent to


one week session

Thank you for applying!

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