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accountability spaces

private & group accountability coaching with TCHHNNH

What are "Accountability Spaces"?

Accountability Spaces is TCHHNNH's accountability coaching service. They consist of intentional sessions that support members with accomplishing their goals. Using structure, commitment and planning, we focus on time management and self-discipline. We’re here to guide you through your success because you deserve to accomplish all your goals.

How much are sessions?

  • 15 Minute consultation: Free

  • One hour private session: $125*

  • One week private session: $200*

  • Two week private session: $300*

  •  Four week private session: $500*


* Sliding scale prices are available for all of our sessions

* Group sessions are available upon request

What is included?

Private sessions:

  • In-depth, individualised goal accomplishment schemas

  • Weekly one-on-one check-ins/ accountability sessions

  • Daily reminders

  • Motivational support

  • Accountability and more!

Group sessions:

  • In-depth, individualised goal accomplishment schemas

  • Weekly one-on-one check-ins/ accountability sessions

  • Weekly group accountability meetings

  • Group Slack channel

  • Daily reminders

  • Motivational support

  • Accountability and more!

Why do I need Accountability Spaces with TCHHNNH™?

You need our Accountability Spaces because you deserve to accomplish your goals.


There are so many goals that remain neglected because of life’s daily moving parts and we are here to ensure that no matter how many layers exist in your life, that time is allocated to taking the steps needed to reach your destination to success.


Our sessions are an opportunity for you to pour into yourself, centre your wants and needs, and align with what fulfils you.

When and where are sessions?


Sessions take place every month of the year.

  • Session availability can be found by visiting our "book a session" page and clicking on the respective sessions' reservation button.


All sessions are virtual. Safety permitting, members living in NYC can request to have in person one-on-one consultations at an additional fee.

Not sure whether you're ready?

Are you ready to book a session?

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"...intentionally providing structure

to keep you on track..."

According to research done by the American Society of Training and Development, people are 95% more likely to reach their goals when they share them with a group and meet to review them regularly. Group dynamics give people the opportunity to accomplish incredible things and here, at TCHHNNH, we believe that community is one of the key ingredients to personal growth and success. Our overarching goal is to tend to the soil of our community, so that our seeds, both communal and personal can evolve into fields of prosperity.

We provide both private and group accountability coaching sessions that can last from an hour to four weeks, depending on availability.

There are no parameters on how small or large one’s project may be, however, we work with all members to ensure that their project(s)/ goal(s) are in alignment with the duration of the session they're attending.


Whether your project is to re-organise the stationary drawer you’ve been avoiding, design your annual client presentation or put $100 into your savings account, Accountability Spaces with TCHHNNH is here to help you reach your full potential and accomplish your goals.

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